Event promotion- Is it for you?

Promotion is a big part of marketing for any business. The main objectives of promotion are to present information to consumers as well as others, to differentiate the product and to increase demand.


There are several components of promotion- personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity. It is important that these five components be used in the correct proportion. It is also important to understand the budget to be allocated to each of the components.


Different forms of media are used for promotional activities. Internet advertising, special events, endorsements, and newspapers are the most common forms of promotion.


Event promotion is about creating a buzz about an upcoming event. The purpose of this buzz is to attract people to this event. The event could be anything from a concert, a sports event, a fashion show or a new business.


The important talent an event promotion executive needs to have is advertising and public relations management. He needs to have the ability to come up with creative ideas.


An event promotion has many components and the events promotion manager needs to work with different people from the different parts of the event promotion. He needs to be in constant touch with people while handling the event. He has to also ensure that the event promotion is within budget.


The event promotion company needs to come up with a theme for the event. For example, if the event is the opening of a new spa, the lucky draw prize could be a day at the spa for two. Balloons, face painting are an inexpensive way to attract crowds to an event. Event promoters for craft festivals often suggest doing things that appeal to children at a price low enough to motivate the parents to bring them. If the event to be promoted is a jewellery sale at an art and craft fair, then the event promotion might include free classes at a certain time of the day. The idea is that if people attend the jewellery work shop they will also buy jewellery.


Using an event promoter can really help ramp up the business. For example if the event is a restaurant opening, the event promoter can help figure out how much and what type of free food can be offered and still stay under budget. The restaurant owner can also offer his best menu items as door prizes or he could offer some of them to all guests at half price, just for the event. That way, the public gets hooked to the food, all because they got the chance to try it either for free or at a deep discount. That will keep them coming back week after week and paying full price.


The main thing to remember is that the person handling an event promotion needs to be a people person. He may be the point of contact for more information about an upcoming event. The business of event promotion is a very competitive one. So what sets one event promotions manager from another? Excellent people skills and relationships with the client.


Remember adding event promotion to your marketing mix can make your event launch a successful one.

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