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European Financial News

Airbnb in breach of EU consumer rules The European Commission has announced that Airbnb's terms and conditions and its pricing policy is breaking EU rules.

EU and China agree to work together on WTO reforms At the 20th EU-China Summit, European and Chinese leaders have sent an anti-protectionist signal to the President of the United States.

How Erasmus gives young entrepreneurs a leg-up in business Discover the European exchange programme for entrepreneurs: unique experiences for young people or future entrepreneurs

China says new U.S. trade tariffs will harm the world China says it is shocked by new trade tariffs announced by the U.S and that it will have to take the necessary counter-measures

Can Europe's new €500 billion target of investments help the sun shine on the economy? Corporate investments in europe may be recovering but they are still far below pre-crisis levels in things like innovation and infrastructure.

Real Stuff: Finland’s bonds for migrant jobs Investing in SMEs and infrastructure may be the norm for Europe’s Investment Plan, but in Finland, it is being used to experiment with a social bond.

Explaining the jargon: Invest EU vs EFSI Amongst those that make or cover policy in Brussels, jargon and acronyms can take over conversations. These usually sound like an alien language to the rest of us in Europe.

It's not (just) about the money Spanish SME boss explains how the application process to the European investment plan could be made more effective.

Britain's economy enjoys boost in May It's thought the good weather and spending around the Royal Wedding in May helped boost the GDP.

NATO contributions country-by-country Donald Trump complains that some European countries are not pulling their financial weight in NATO, euronews has been looking at who spends what on the Alliance