The STERLING/OIS Group is a professional employer, full service consulting firm with clients from start-ups to well established companies. We offer custom tailored human resources outsourcing, employee benefits, and insurance solutions which enable you to save time and money, reduce liability, attract and retain quality employees, and most importantly focus on what you do best.

Whether a la carte or by leveraging a concept known as group purchasing power, our clients enjoy the benefits of human resources compliance, modern day technology, more optimal and affordable employee benefits (group health, 401K, non qualified executive plans, etc), protection from employment related lawsuits, a one stop solution for insurance and risk management needs with experts in each area, and much more.

We take a hands-on, results oriented approach to assess your unique needs. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your business and evaluate how our proven methodology can help you achieve your goals. Regardless of whether or not you choose to work with us, a cost analysis will be provided to you at no cost.