Book Covers

As a Man Thinketh Laws of Success
Master of Destiny Richest Man in Babylon
The Mircle of Right Thought The Prophet
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Our Publishing Division produces an entire range of services needed by authors, from cover design and copy editing to ghost writing.

Our services include the production of a book of any type and making it ready for publication, as a private work or available for worldwide distribution through all online book sellers including; Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Target and others.

In addition you as the author set the price; you get all the royalties you set. We keep none of your funds; you get 100% of all the profits from your book less the direct printing, publishing, publication costs, and retail store discounts.

You control all the processes and direct all the marketing.

Our fee is all inclusive or priced “ala carte” as you may desire.

Book Printing

We offer the best printing in the industry for production of paperback and hardcover books in minimum quantities, as low as 5,000 copies.

Here is a sampling of single book prices.

  • 6x9 Paperback, 204 pages $3.25
  • 6x9 Hardcover, 204 pages $4.25

All our costs include full color gloss covers and B/W interiors and our standard paper. Dust covers, slightly more.

Original cover designs, layout, proofreading, and even ghost writing are available for reasonable flat fees.

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