Business transactions today, require the ability to structure all elements with speed and precision, and we are very aggressive in both areas.  Decisions can be made quickly and we know how to help.

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Below are quick descriptions to specific consulting criteria:

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IT Services

IT Services

IT ServicesAll are applicable to remote access

Service Contract – Service Business

Basic $10/Month billed annually

Unlimited access 9am – 5pm Business days (Monday – Friday) for consulting or to access full service needs if needed, best value.

This applies to single business access with single point contact person and online remote access. Service work is billed in 15 minute segments at only $15 per billing period (regular price is $25 per billing period.) Now every business can afford an IT department.

On Call Small Business Services

Call when needed, we’re here for you. Small business services with any contract billed in increments at $25 per 15 minute billing period. Contact us for your IT problems, for quick solutions and all with remote access.

IT Services

On Call Large Business Services

We’re here to solve all your issues of networks, servers, ect., and software glitches. All billing in increments at $35 per billing period, depending on your systems.

Now you can afford your own IT department by using our services when you need them. Our contracts start at only $10 a month and allow you access to any service consulting. We are on call just for you!

When you need assistance due to computer or software malfunctions, we are your team! WE can access your system remotely, instantly and quickly be “on site” for you. Your needs are our solutions . Install new software; diagnose problems, set up emails and networks to function seamlessly. Save employee costs, minimize down time.

IT Business Consulting

We  review a client's business and technology and develop a plan to properly and cost effectively use technology in their business. We may upgrade the network, re-do their web site, implement a customer relations management system, or re-package and reuse their products and services to generate new products for internet sales.

Web Site Design and Managed Web-hosting/Domain

We offer complete web site development to meet a client's business needs. We stay current on all Internet trends so you don't have to.

Let us take care of web site hosting and domain management for you. Add an email address, buy a new domain name, or ensure that your domain name does not expire.

We can handle all of this for you as well as web site hosting services so you can run your business. There are many different styles and functionalities of a web site. Don't just get a site that looks good. Make sure that it meets your business needs too! Your web site is for marketing, sales, and information. Our first question is, 'How is this site going to help your business?', not, 'what colors do you like the best?'.

Internet Marketing

Now that you have a web site, can people find it? Are you able to generate income from your web site? There are many ways to market on the internet. You'll want to use promotional marketing methods that drive your ideal clients continually to your web site... Quality Traffic! Our internet marketing techniques are cost effective.

 If your internet marketing is done correctly it will continually drive traffic for years. Our techniques are easy for you to take over and maintain yourself and most techniques are no-cost.

What about adding video or audio to your site and
syndicating on the major video sites? Or, use article marketing and creating materials that can be used in many different parts of your business.

  IT Networking /Administration/Computer Repair

Properly setting up and maintaining your computers and network can be essential to your business. We are your on-call IT staff. We can design, setup and maintain your computers and entire network and do it remotely as well.

We make sure that your systems are properly configured to help ensure that you have your data backed up and your systems are free from virus and spyware.

 Open Source Solutions

We are active in the open source community. The Open source community is a community of developers creating software solutions for low cost or free. You don't need to spend a lot of money to use open source. However, discovering the right open source solutions for your business can be hit or miss.

We provide open source guidance to fully utilize the most stable, cost effective solutions available. Get free alternatives to the popular Microsoft software, or Adobe.

Also use open source e commerce or cms solutions for your web site. We can also customize the software to meet your needs.

Web Hosting

Dedicated Server Available

Custom Programming

We provide custom software solutions.We will work through your entire software development life cycle to design software that meets your business needs. The solutions can be simple or very complex. Our experience ranges from developing a low vision test system that was used in FDA Clinical Trials, to data base entry and query systems to creating modules for your web site.

We program in VB,, HTMLl, PHP, and all of the other internet programming languages. We also write custom code for proprietary controllers.

Data Analysis

Business intelligence (BI) and data collation are two ways companies track their business and make decisions. PD Design offers a unique approach to BI.

We provide tools that display your data and allow it to be rearranged in many different ways, without re-entering the data or running long reports. Contact us to see an example of how these easy-to-use tools can help you better evaluate your business intelligence data. 

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