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Financial News

  1. Publicly silent, Trump has three words after watching Cohen: 'He's a liar'  CNN
  2. Michael Cohen sentencing: Live updates  CNN
  3. Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years After Implicating Trump in Hush-Money Scandal  The New York Times
  4. Michael Cohen Pled Guilty to Something That Is Not a Crime  National Review
  5. Is Trump a Nixon or a Clinton? Cohen’s Crimes Offer a Guide  Bloomberg
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  1. Liberals condescend to Nancy Pelosi after her meeting with Trump  Washington Examiner
  2. Pelosi Reaches Deal With Dissident Democrats on Term Limits for Speaker  The New York Times
  3. The Year of the Woman just roared in Trump's Oval Office  CNN
  4. Trump’s fight with Pelosi and Schumer shows he doesn’t want the wall
  5. Nancy Pelosi is the heroine the resistance to Trump needs  The Washington Post
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  1. Theresa May survives confidence vote of Tory MPs  BBC News
  2. British PM Theresa May survives no-confidence vote  CNN
  3. This is a national crisis – not the time for a pointless Tory feud  The Guardian
  4. Britain Gets a Second Brexit Referendum (by Proxy)  Bloomberg
  5. The Brexiteers have failed — so they blame Theresa May  The Washington Post
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AMI: National Enquirer owner admits to paying off Playboy model to protect Trump  CBS News

Last Updated Dec 12, 2018 3:58 PM EST. The media company that owns the National Enquirer admitted to "working in concert" with the Trump campaign to pay ...

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  1. Police: Bones found in Lake Grove basement belong to man missing  News 12 Long Island
  2. Son, grandsons find human bones in New York basement ID'd as father missing for decades  NBC News
  3. Skeletal remains found in Long Island basement ID'd as long-missing Korean War veteran, cops say  Fox News
  4. Cops: Bones found in home ID'd as man missing since '61  Newsday
  5. Skeleton found in Long Island basement identified as homeowner missing 57 years  WABC-TV
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